Rajarshi Saha


Rajarshi Saha
Code Red Design
Kolkata, West Bengal

I am a web developer, grounded in databases.

I've been around since the days when the net was text. Seeing the first image come over the web was akin to putting a man on the moon, for me. It really blew my mind, and I didn't even understand it. I had no idea, that images coming up on a screen would one day change the world.

I loved technology and everything about it. Ideally I would like to be a technocrat. "The term technocracy was originally used to advocate the application of the scientific method to solving social problems." - Wikipedia

I love doing what I do so much, I would do it for free, if I could figure out how to survive without money. It is something I do think about a lot. But that's another story.

It is said everyone is good at at-least one thing. I never could figure out what I could be good at, till computers happened to me. Booting up into DOS prompt. Running WordPerfect/Lotus from prompt. My first Windows was I think 3. When Win 95 came out, the big thing was Plug-n-Play. Some people would say Plug-n-Pray. Blue screen, 1.44Mb floppy disks, multiple disks to load Windows with. Seems like a lifetime ago and yet sometimes it feels just like yesterday.

My forte is database. You will probably remember from school where the Math professor said there is no randomness in nature. When you understand the power of databases, you will understand what the Math professor meant when he/she said there is no randomness, is that everything is predictable when you have enough data. And that is what I specialise in. Helping businesses grow by predicting future needs and adapting for\to future scenario's. It is like fine tuning the Chi of a business. It brings in harmony and every aspect of a business becomes like a orchestra and the result is pure symphony.

Image courtesy of pixtawan @ FreeDigitalPhotos.net