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Some tools that I made and use often.

Encryption || Conversion || Image - Watermarking || My IP LookUp|| Screen Resolution


When implementing security standards for any assignments, I install multi-level security layers. Current Industry are excellent. Call me paranoid, but after installing all standard security procedure, I add one more layer of security that I write exclusively for that assignment and do not re-use the code anywhere else.

Encryptions can sometimes be venerable so why not go one step further and prepare for the worst-case scenario? By taking time out to implement various custom methods across different programs, along with industry standard security measures, I hope to deliver the highest level of security to my clients.

When it comes to security, "the squeaky wheel gets oiled" is the worst possible option. It is extremely important to be proactive instead of reactive.

This is a variation of a Encryption/Decryption tool I made.



Centigrade: <=> Fahrenheit:

Metric to Imperial
Imperial to Metric


Image - Watermarking

When there is a need to enforce copyright of an image, I watermark an image with text. It won't prevent a user from saving/downloading the picture, but the image will always carry the watermark of the originating website. The watermark cannot be removed.

An image can be customised in various ways. For this example, I resize the image into a 300 x 300 pixel image, put a white border of minimum 5 pixel and centre the uploaded image into this image. This is really handy when site administrators don't want to waste time resizing each image to a specific size, before uploading them. It cuts down on all repetitive work and give the site a linear look.

Any image type can be watermarked. To keep things simple I have currently allowed only jpeg files to be uploaded here.

Font Size
Height (Pixels)
Width (Pixels)
Watermarking Text (long text will get clipped)
Select image file (.jpg/.jpeg files only)

My IP LookUp

My IP address is :

Browser Screen Resolution

This is quite an important tool for me. Users are logging on from desktops to hand-held devices and each has it's own and different screen size. If this is not taken into consideration then the site rendering on some devices can be so overlapped that it will not make sense to the user, causing the user to leave the site in a hurry.

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